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Training & Coaching

Happiness at work, joyful collaboration, effective teamwork. Better leadership, training or coaching. Is this what you are aiming for and are you ready to work on your goals? F-Act is happy to help you. All our training is based on experiential learning: learning by doing. For this we use techniques from improvisation theatre, because the art of improvisation develops skills which you can use in your daily life to react flexibly in any (work)situation.

This not only leads to incredibly fun training, it also turns out to be much more effective than traditional learning models. Read more about the advantages of improvisation in our training on our Applied Improvisation Page.

We teach how to collaborate better, how to have more impact when presenting your ideas, lead more effectively, and how to lead trainings which disrupt and build. We have a much further reach and bigger impact than trainings which do not apply improvisation techniques. Our trainings are more open and provide a safe space for participants to be themselves, connect, and energize. The trainings are effective and importantly, a lot of fun!

F-Act offers training and coaching for several topics. For example:

- Better leadership
- Better consulting
- Improving organisational culture
- Cohesive teams
- Better collaboration
- Better training or presenting

We can work these goals into your individual training package and also into your team events. We put your learning objectives at the heart of our custom made programs. Are you not sure (yet) what your learning objectives are? We are happy to help you find your way.

The signature F-Act training:

- You will be practicing a lot, broadening your selfawareness and experimenting with your own behavior.
- Having fun during training is important! Joy leads to a more open and active learning environment and thereby better retention.
- We start with the qualities and expertise of you and your team. We give constructive feedback with direct applications to your work practices and challenge you for further development.

How can we be of service to you?


Do you have questions or want more information? Contact us via or 06-14441010. Of course you can also complete our contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.