Applied Improvisation

F-Act’s trainings are a combination of academic research, background knowledge, field experience, and Applied Improvisation. The use of Applied Improvisation is what makes F'-Act trainings unique, effective and fun!

What is Applied Improvisation?

Applied Improvisation is a proven methodology by which the mindset and collaboration skills of improvisation theatre get adapted and applied off-stage, for example in businesses, academic institutes and organisations. This approach furthers resilience, flexibility and spontaneity of organisations. By way of providing a theoretical framework, interactive activities and a clear application to work practices, we empower our participants to find a creative approach to change and thereby raise their teamwork to a new level.

Since the 1950s, improvisation activities and methods are being used within businesses including Fortune 500 companies such as Google, and organisations such as the Red Cross. Improvisation training is also included in half of the top MBA schools of the world.

All trainers at F-Act have many years of experience in bringing their unique improvisation skills to the business world.

Positive effects on organisations

Improvised play has a positive effect of the behaviours of employees and thereby on the organisation. Because in order to improvise well, you need to

- be flexible and collaborate
- react well to change
- take responsibility
- show yourself
- trust and let go
- build on each other’s strengths
- stay connected
- work goal oriented within the here and now
- focus on the possible in stead of the impossible
- keep a positive and constructive disposition.

Pretty much everyone who ackquires improvisational skills adopts some of them into their daily lives. During trainings, participants get to practice with a positive disposition. Thereby they get to experience what the advantages are of being flexible, staying in contact, and looking for common goals without letting yourself be sidelined by unexpected events.

PLAY! model

Our trainers work with the PLAY! model. Dit model geeft de verschillende kernvaardigheden weer bij het improviseren:

  • Presence: be present, connected and in the moment.

  • Leap into it: experiment. Dare to make mistakes in order o make progress, Just do it. Build the plane while flying it.

  • Adaptiveness: be open to others, allow yourself and your way of working to be changed.

  • Yes, and ...: say YES to the New and the Unexpected, build upon each other’s ideas, make each other look good.

  • ! Impact! : be bold, passionate and engaged


The effect of practicing improvisation has been researched and proven. People collaborate better and have more fun at work! Have a read about our client experiences.