Ralf: Professor in Sociology, Organisational Development and Applied Arts

Our associate and friend Ralf combines business skills with art and improv at the Business School Vlerick. Here's an awesome 3 minute video by the Financial Times on how we does that.

This month, Ralf is even performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Ralf at the Financial Times:

Business teacher uses performing arts for crisis management coaching

Professor Ralf Wetzel has a show at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He takes lessons learned from the stage to teach students how to be in the moment.”

Online session to a fun group in Beijing!

Early Saturday morning today. But worth it!

I spent a few hours with a fun-loving and very smart group of Chinese HR professionals in Beijing, facilitating an online session on how to deal with fast change, the improvisational mindset and the role of spontaneity and playfulness in high performance collaboration.

I look forward meeting them in September, when I’m invited to work a full week with them on facilitation skills and applied improvisation!

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Training Applied Improvisation at the Capgemini University

Last week Raymond had a great day with the high potentials from Capgemini at the Capgemini university.

We talked about and played with Applied Improvisation techniques and about their value in nowadays work.

Key Learning objectives:              

  • Better leadership in dealing with change and VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environments

  • How to create stronger connections between you and others and within your team culture

  • Self reflection in one’s individual leadership and communication style

Topics covered:

  • The value of Applied Improvisation, playfulness and spontaneity as a key success factor for 21st century business

  • The distinction between the Head (analytical skills), Hands (exploration, error tolerance) and Heart (emotional communication)

  • The improvisational mindset and skills, the PLAY! model: Presence, Leaping, Adaptivity, Yes-and and having Impact

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Playful Corporate Event with Turkish Airlines and Business Meeting Centre

A few months ago Raymond was invited by Turkish Airlines and BMC to deliver a keynote for their corporate network. The Mindset of Serious Play! is getting more and more relevant and important for our corporate lives. We specifically talked about how to use Applied Improvisation and Playfulness to deal better with change, attract customers and elevate employer brands.

It was followed by very engaging, inspiring, joyful discussions and more collaborations in the months afterwards!

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