Advanced Applied Improvisation Training - September 2019


Are you a coach, trainer, facilitator, learning & development specialist or group leader?

Are you already familiar with the value and power of Applied Improvisation and do you want to take it to the next level?

Do you want to learn, experience and stay tuned to the latest in training design, and delivery and evaluation?

Then join us!

From 3 to 5 September 2019 we’ll organise our Advanced Applied Improvisation Training in National Park Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands.

This unique event in the Netherlands is designed for professionals who already recognize the value of using Improvisation in their work and are ready to learn more.


in this program

  • we will be dedicated to your individual learning goals and work context

  • we will help you to generate more work with Applied Improvisation training, with the use of easy concepts to explain the value of improv to your clients

  • you will learn a lot of new activities, exercises and tools to be used right away within your next session

  • we will provide you with an opportunity to get some individual coaching

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join us

In this training …

  • you will be invited and challenged to use the improvisational mindset and skills yourself, practicing what we preach

  • you will be better able to use the powerful improvisation exercises to make sharper connections to your clients’ work practice and challenges on leadership, collaboration, presentation skills, humanitarian work and many other areas.

  • you will get lots of feedback on your facilitation style and a chance to learn from others

  • you will learn the importance of the use of many concepts to be applied to your own individual facilitation style as well as to the challenges of your clients. These include direct side coaching, status transactions, group energy management, deeper debriefing and the design success track,

  • you will learn how to market your trainings better using dedicated models directly related to Applied Improvisation, like the Improfit model, the PLAY! model and other useful frameworks. We will also share with you the outcome of the Barcelona seminar on marketing improvisation.

  • you will be a part of an international group of colleagues who are already aware of the value of Applied Improvisation and ready to take the next step!


About the facilitator


Raymond van Driel has been performing improv since 1994, was four times Dutch Improv champion, has delivered corporate improvisation since 2000 and was part of the AIN Board for ten years. He was responsible for an introduction program to five AIN conferences and delivers Training for Trainers and keynotes about Applied Improvisation and Playfulness worldwide.

In 2009, 2010 and 2011 Raymond hosted Applied Improvisation courses at the Stockholm University where business students engaged into improvisation for 3 months, 20 hours a week. In 2016 he received a government grant to do a full year of Improvisation with the faculty and students of Vlerick Business School in Brussels and St Petersburg. (LinkedIn profile).


Investment: only 1150 euro. Early birds (before 3 July 2019) 980 euro. That includes accommodation, all meals, materials and snacks.

The location is the intimate and cozy venue De Hoeve van Nunspeet in National Park Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands.

Dates are 3 to 5 September 2019, optional pre-night on Monday



Join us for a fun-filled, intense and impactful training in National Park Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands!

Be part of an international group of motivated, inspired, warm, fun-loving and professional colleagues who appreciate openness, spontaneity and connection.

Join us! Or let us know if you have any questions.


Extra options

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After your registration we will provide you with more details on these options.

Optional: Amsterdam Street Quest on Monday!

Optional: Amsterdam Street Quest on Monday!

What?! Being in the Netherlands without a visit to Amsterdam? No way! Prior to the training on Monday 2nd we’ll organise an optional Street Quest in the heart of Amsterdam. In the evening we will travel together to the training venue.

After the training we’ll provide an optional extra day for an unconference/ afterparty to offer a nice walk in the National Park, some cooling down activities and optional individual mini-coaching,

Optional: unconference/ afterparty on Friday

Optional: unconference/ afterparty on Friday