Training Applied Improvisation at the Capgemini University

Last week Raymond had a great day with the high potentials from Capgemini at the Capgemini university.

We talked about and played with Applied Improvisation techniques and about their value in nowadays work.

Key Learning objectives:              

  • Better leadership in dealing with change and VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environments

  • How to create stronger connections between you and others and within your team culture

  • Self reflection in one’s individual leadership and communication style

Topics covered:

  • The value of Applied Improvisation, playfulness and spontaneity as a key success factor for 21st century business

  • The distinction between the Head (analytical skills), Hands (exploration, error tolerance) and Heart (emotional communication)

  • The improvisational mindset and skills, the PLAY! model: Presence, Leaping, Adaptivity, Yes-and and having Impact

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