Positive and energised teamwork. Saying YES to change, being in the moment, daring to make mistakes, moving boundaries and switching gears smoothly. Skills which lead to better collaboration, more creativity, openness, connection, confidence, and entrepreneurship. A better connection within teams and towards your clients. What is your goal?

- Better leadership
- Beter consulting
- Improving organisational culture
- Cohesive teams
- Better collaboration
- Better training and presenting

F-Act’s trainings are a combination of academic expertise, more than two decades of practical experience and applied improvisation. Our incorporation of improvisation makes our trainings unique, effective, and special. The basic principles of improvisation work brilliantly in every situation where people have to collaborate and want to achieve common goals. It creates openness and energy which leads to cohesion and impact. Are you curious about our approach? Read more on these pages about training and improvisation.