Team development

As a professional you are often part of a team. As a team member you have your own tasks and responsibilities but you can’t do without each other. More importantly: by collaborating in a nice and effective manner you can get more fulfillment from your work and better results.

A team is more than a collection of people. Or maybe vice versa: a collection of people doesn’t necessarily make a team. What is the team culture, the atmosphere, the collective understanding? Is there space to give each other feedback? And how does that work, actually? How is your effective is your communication - do you understand each other? Are you free to be yourself? What are your team’s goals and how do you reach them?

F-Act’s coaching and training programs investigate these questions. Together, you get to work on your team’s channges in a fun and playful manner. The trainings are always based on the philosophy of ‘learning by doing’: an active training with new insights, more skills, and an expansion of your toolbox during which you learn while having fun together.

Many of our programmes are based on Applied Improvisation. At its core are openness, spontaneity and building on each others’ ideas . You can read more about this approach on our page about Applied Improvisation.

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