F-Act: uconventional and more effective

F-Act was founded in 2002 by Raymond van Driel. Nowadays F-Act works with a team of experienced trainers, coaches, consultants, and speakers. We all share the same vision: effectiveness through connection, curiosity, and pleasure through collaboration!

F-Act stands for effectiveness, getting results by doing, and Fun!

Raymond: “You pronounce F-Act like ‘effect’ and that’s what our trainings, coachings, and talks all have in common. The name also means FACT as in ‘facts’. After all, it’s all about the results we get. The English word ACT means ‘to do’, try and experiment with new behaviours. Finally, the F stands for FUN with a capital F. With Fun in our sessions we get more openness, energy, connection, authenticity and drive. We thus make a conscious use of fun. I believe in playfulness because playing makes trainings and all of life a bit more enjoyable thus easier and more effective.”

Are you curious about what other people say about F-Act trainings? Read about their experiences here!

Raymond van driel

Raymond aug2015-2.jpg

Raymond is a corporate trainer, keynote speaker, executive coach, author, academic teacher and the lead course facilitator. He started with corporate improvisation in 2000 and now delivers Training of Trainers and keynotes about Applied Improvisation and Playfulness worldwide.

His passion is helping people gain important skills and insights to develop themselves and have more fun collaborating. He strives to create a safe and positive atmosphere in groups and individual sessions so that he can challenge his participants to try out new methods and behaviours. Participants experience Raymond as positively critical, challending, and very dedicated.

He is a visiting lecturer in Higher Education and is responsible for a variety of leadership programmes. He facilitates national and international coachings for trainers, leaders, and professionals and is a much desired speaker about leadership, teamwork, humour and fun at work.

Raymond is a passionate improvisation actor and has won the Dutch championship four times. He enjoys playing piano and tennis, and sometimes takes his drone out to fly. He is involved with the Libre Foundation through which he leads leadership trainings in developing countries.

More about Raymond: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raymondvandriel



Joris is a leadership trainer, facilitator, coach, consultant and speaker. His specialism is working with high potentials and directors. Joris is accredited as LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt and CO-Active coach through the ICF and CTI. He works with multinationals as well as start-ups, growing businesses and MBAs. One of his current clients is Shell, where he currently trains and coaches the executive directors. Thanks to his engineering background and 15 years of experience in commercial roles, Joris has a good insight into their working practices. Joris and Raymond co-taught leadership trainings at the UvA and to local leaders in developing countries.

Joris likes to challenge himself as part of his continuing development so his hobbies include skydiving, running marathons and obstacle runs.

More about Joris: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jorisnuijten


Ralf wetzel


Ralf coaches and trains grups and individuals through change and transitions. He combines his knowledge of sociology, organisation and change theory with his personal experiences of everchanging living circumstances and techniques from various art forms. His events are very interactive and physical because he combines visceral (embodied) knowledge with cognition.

Ralf saw the fall of the Berlin Wall when he was 19 years old and lived in a world where the old was gone but the new had not yet arrived. He initially certified as an electrician and went on to study Business Administration in Kingston (UK) and Chemnitz (Germany). After optaining his PhD he worked at Bern University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland). Nowadays he works as Associate Professor of Organization & Applied Arts at Vlerick Business School (Belgium).

Ralf is an enthusiastic practitioner of several art forms. He writes haikus, paints, and his passion is improvisational clowning where reacting positively to mistakes, vulnerability and the connection with the public are of essence.

More about Ralf: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ralf-wetzel-3a742011/




Meinou is a coach and trainer who has specialised in short programmes working on communication, collaboration, and/or leidership. With her practical approach Meinou helps managers and HR professionals to increase their coaching abilities. She also helps leaders and employees to communicate better and teams to present themselves internally and externally. She makes use of improvisation, constellations and practical exercises because in her opinion experience often works better than talking about something. Meinou’s trainings are like herself: result oriented, practical, playful and creative.

Meinou studied organisational psychology and later went on to study psychodrama and systemic work. She is also certified in MBT coaching and training. For many years now, Meinou has been playing improvisation theatre and connects her work with her passion. After working as a corporate trainer for many years, Meinou started her own coaching business nine years ago.

Meinou loves theatre and ‘gezelligheid’ and enjoys visiting fun festivals. She can also be found on stage where she improvises her heart out.

Mere about Meinou: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meinou-lambeck-389721a



Michiel Fact.jpg

Michiels passion is training and devloping leaders and their teams. He has been working as teamcoach for 25 years on the edge of business and organisational psychology. With both feet on the ground through a systematic approach, Michiel collaborates with teams to research what’s working well and what needs further development. Currently he is working on a performance titled “De Teamfluisterar” (The Teamwhisperer) and on the accompanying book.

Confront, challenge and inspire: that’s how Michiel takes team from “Good to Great”. His vision is that growth and learning happen when participants are excited and can feel a stretch. Aside from his expertise, Michiel uses humour and improvisation in his training to assure a team can learn, perform, and enjoy. Those are the most important elements of work life which Michiel thinks everyone deserves.

Michies trains in Dutch and English and has studied partly in the USA and France. He is a certified in MBTI, LIFO and Management Drives. Michiel trains corporates as well as civil servants.

Michiel is a sports enthusiasts and loves taking people to great heights to bask in the silence and the view. He is also always happy to take part in a pubquiz or go for a run.

More about Michiel: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michiel-kochen-5673732/


else hendriks


Else trains since 1999. As trainer she accompanies organisations and institutions to communicate and collaborate harmoniously, even if that seems tricky. She is practice and goal oriented, where connection, consciousness and openness are important terms.

Else has followed a wide range of education: after qualifying as a teacher she completed a study for actors/directors and also as body focused therapist. She has also studied family and organisation constallations and has been schooled in Deep Democracy. The result of this combination means that she is often asked by organisations to help boost decision-making. Her enthusiams and energy bring openness to her training and her favourite manner of working is experiential learning. Some of Else’s clients are: opleidingsinstituut voor Rechters, ROC’s (Amsterdam, Hoofddorp), and she often works internationally.

Else plays improvisation theatre, piano, and she is an avid kickboxer. When you spar with a boxer, you both are fully present. That’s perfect for Else.

More about Else: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elsehendriks/


CONNY de Ridder


Conny works as a personal coach and trainer at executive and management level. She coaches individuals on several topics such as leadership, burnout and also more personal questions. As a trainer she is specialised in shaking up stagnant teams which cannot get moving by themselves.

Conny’s clients describe her as soft and steady. Where necessary, she can be confrontational, but always in a warm and empathic manner which suits her. Conny looks at people as a whole. A wide range of education gives Conny a big backpack of methods and working practices. She picks her tools for every session and can switch things up instantly.

Currently, Conny is enjoying a part-time study at the arts academy. As she is constantly focused on others through her work, she enjoys creating spacial art where she can be herself.

More about Conny: https://www.linkedin.com/in/connyderidderpitcoaching


jessica breitenfeld

Jessica supports the F-Act open trainings. She has studied organizational management and Gestalt therapy, is a ToastMaster (presentation skills) specialist and has lived in 8 different countries in 9 years. She uses her cultural wisdom, drive and extensive marketing experience to help her training groups and coachees with flexibility, dealing with uncertainty and exploiting diversity.

More about Jessica: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessica-breitenfeld-3852a058/