Personal Development

You have a good position and you are working in your area of expertise. You are leading one or more teams. You see that there is room for development for you and your team. There is a need for growth or change. And you want to do something about it.

F-Act offers training and individual coaching with which you can reach your personal goals. Learning objectives might be:

- How do I get the most out of my staff?
- How do I communicate more effectively with my colleagues?
- How do I leverage change?
- How do I entertain my audience and come across as an expert?

Other questions might be:

- How do I make good use of media?
- How do I allocate my time effectively?
- How do I prevent large amounts of sick leave in my team?
- How do I collaborate better with our partners and stakeholders?

By developing yourself you can better support others in their development too. And inspire. By telling your story. Our training and coaching packages are about communication and collaboration. Contact us to discuss your wants and needs! We are happy to provide a custom program for you.

Applied Improvisation is one of our signature methodologies for our training and coaching programs. Effectiveness and fun are at the front of our engagements. Do you want to know more about how we do this? Have a read on our improvisation page.

Maybe you not only want to treat yourself with a training or coaching program. You are welcome to bring along your entire team. Have a look at the options for our team programs.

Are you a trainer who wants to become more skilled at facilitating a group in a more effective and fun manner? We’ve also got something for you at F-Acts! Have a look at our page for trainers.