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WEBINAR Yes, And!: the core of your constructive interactions

After Raymonds keynote at the Global Applied Improvisation Network conference in Paris several colleagues and clients requested a session about Yes, And.

Join us with this webinar and discover:

  • Why Yes-and is the core of constructive and positive interactions

  • How to maintain a good relation and energy while disagreeing on content

  • How insight and skills in using all four communication layers (Content, Emotion, Relation, Process) boosts your influence

The Webinar will be Interactive and fun.

The date is 7 February 5pm Amsterdam time, 11am New York, 09am San Francisco time, 12am (next day) Singapore time. It will be co-hosted by Angelina Castellini and Dineke van Loon.

We're looking forward to it ! Are you joining us? Register on (limited places).