Advanced Improvisation - September 2019
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Advanced Improvisation - September 2019

In September 2019 we will organise an international advanced Improvisation training and we are REALLY looking forward to that! Three days of fun, connection, practicing the improvisational mindset and skills and about how to make sharp translations from the exercises to your clients work practice. Join us!

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WEBINAR Yes, And!: the core of your constructive interactions

After Raymonds keynote at the Global Applied Improvisation Network conference in Paris several colleagues and clients requested a session about Yes, And.

Join us with this webinar and discover:

  • Why Yes-and is the core of constructive and positive interactions

  • How to maintain a good relation and energy while disagreeing on content

  • How insight and skills in using all four communication layers (Content, Emotion, Relation, Process) boosts your influence

The Webinar will be Interactive and fun.

The date is 7 February 5pm Amsterdam time, 11am New York, 09am San Francisco time, 12am (next day) Singapore time. It will be co-hosted by Angelina Castellini and Dineke van Loon.

We're looking forward to it ! Are you joining us? Register on (limited places).

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